Wedding Insurance Buying Peace of Mind

With the cost of an average Manitoba wedding ranging between $20,000 – $30,000 I think we can all agree that weddings can be expensive. So, what happens if a week before the big day your venue burns down (it happens) or the dog eats your dress (yup, this happened to one of my brides), the Bestman drops your rings in the lake, or your stunning designer gown is stained because someone spilt a glass of red wine on you. And then there is the unexpected accident, drinking, dancing someone slips, knocks their head and is transported to the hospital for x-rays and observation? One of the most tragic weddings I officiated over was when the groom’s father passed away the morning of the wedding. After a very late start the couple went ahead with the ceremony but did not attend the reception.

The list of what could go wrong (and does) on anyone’s wedding day is a long one. Recent statistics reveal claims for injured guests are on the rise. And you, the bride and groom, could be on the hook for the cost of damages, and the ambulance cost.

Your wedding is a huge investment – not only financially but also emotionally. Buying a “little piece of mind” insurance could at least take the sting out of a less-than-perfect big day and protect you against losses.  For as little as $200 – $900 you can buy peace of mind.

Depending on the package chosen couples would be covered for:

Bridal attire


Wedding cake and flowers

Rented property

Loss deposits

Wedding cancellation expenses

Liquor liability for three 24-hour periods

Damage to wedding gifts

Wedding photos & video that need to be retaken because photographer did not show up.

And so much more.

For more information on Wedding Insurance see your Insurance Agent or contact Darcy @ RA Hughes Insurance, 57 Goulet St, Wpg MB   204.237.4025 Email:

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