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When introducing me to others, a colleague says, "This is my friend Jeannette - she marries and buries people". The response to this introduction, invariably, is "Oh" followed by a time of silence and then a wonderful story of a wedding or a funeral they had been to.

Listening to real life stories is one of the reason why I chose to open Turning Points. Another is that I am really very, very good at crafting custom-made ceremonies which honours and celebrates the turning points in a person's life.

For over 20 years, whether it was guiding a couple in planning their marriage ceremony, welcoming a child into the family or assisting the bereaved through the delicate process of developing a personalized tribute of celebration, I have taken great pride in my ability to listen carefully to the stories being shared, to the hope, dreams and wishes of the speaker and then creating ceremonies that will remain forever in their hearts and memories.

Why Choose Turning Points

I like listening to stories.... real stories.... about real people. Some of these stories are hilariously funny, others touch my heart and some are just so painful to listen to I want to weep. Each story shared is told by a ordinary person about the extraordinary turning points in their lives. Each story shared is interesting to me because every story shared is sacred, and says something about the impact the event had on the person telling the story.

At Turning Points we also recognize and celebrate diversity. We celebrate the innumerable combinations of qualities and quirks, beliefs and values, lifestyles, interests, and hobbies found amongst us. We believe that as each person is unique so should be the ceremony that celebrates them.

When you choose Turning Points you are choosing to have a customized ceremony that will be very personal, unique and memorable.

About Me

I now call Winnipeg, Manitoba home. It is a great city to live in. In my life I have had the great fortune of living and working in Canora and Rosetown, SK, Morris, Morden and Winnipeg, MB, and in London, England. I have travelled throughout Europe, Japan, South Korea, a few of the states in the U.S.A. and some very lovely hot spots in the Caribbean. Throughout my travels I have come to understand and appreciate cultural diversity. I have learnt that many of us are creatures of habit so my travels have been a gift in expanding my understanding of the the richness that other cultures offer to us - yes, even the food! My life has been enriched by family and friends and by the people I have met and the stories shared with me. I am thankful for all these experiences and encounters and look forward to the opportunity to hear your story as we create yours or a loved ones own turning point ceremony.

My Qualifications

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